Precision is our Business.

Based on the depth of our mechanical production, we offer a wide spectrum of specialty forging tools made in-house:

  • Dies and Punches, from rotationally symmetrical simple to complex
  • Segmented dies for various applications
  • Header tooling for special parts
  • Trimming dies for special parts
  • Tubes, sleeves and die inserts of all types
  • Feeding rolls, shearing tools, transport fingers and ejectors
  • Die and punch clamping tubs/holders, bolster plates and back supports
  • Diverse machine components
  • Complete ready-assembled tool sets

Within our spectrum of production, we make individual parts, small batches, and product assemblies, as well as single- or multiple- shrinked dies with an external maximum diameter of up to 280mm, and other tools up to a maximum length of approximately 600mm.


We would be glad to answer any further questions regarding our production options upon request.


We would be very happy to advise you regarding material selection, the degree of hardness and coatings desired, as well as the ideal die pre-load and much more. Very often, a small revision to a design can lead to a noticeable increase in the life of the tool.


Of course we are also able to deliver standard tools and tools for thread production, as well as requisite DIN-parts, such as screws and springs, etc., to complete tool sets to a proven standard of quality.


We base our technological claim of leadership not only on our experience in tool production, but also on innovation and process organization:

Logistics and raw materials, as well as the organization of physical and chemical processes:

  • Inventory of common certified steel
  • Market leading quality tungsten carbide preforms
  • Inventory of specific tungsten carbide blanks
  • Recorded vacuum thermal treatments and high value hard surface coatings

IT und QM Facts:

  • Operations are supported by the use of ERP Software
  • Company personnel have many years of experience in die manufacturing
  • QM integrated manufacturing.  Certificate according to  DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 since 11/2017.
  • Completely temperature-controlled, temperature-stable production facility (built in 2011)

Extract from our Production Philosophy:

  • Machining within separate production facilities pre- and post-heat treatment
  • Optimized hard turning and hard machining of steel and tungsten carbide materials
  •  “Superfinish” polished surfaces using traditional manual production techniques and new processes
  • "Small batch" Manufacturing with a specific number of units with conventional and CNC-technology

Extract from our Machine Portfolio:

  • CNC-HSC- grinding, also in tungsten carbide, with market leading technology
  • CNC-HSC-5-axis simultaneous hard-milling, the newest generation
  • Automated EDM and newest generation electrode-milling cell with the highest accuracy
  • WEDM with the newest generation linear drive

Frank Sieber GmbH

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