Value Added Service

The cornerstones of a business relationship with our company are above all, aside from the constant availability of an appropriate single point of contact, reliability in what we say, an acceptable turnaround rate for information, and an appropriate amount of transparency.


These foundations are expanded through our product expertise, as well as the knowledge of our clients’ needs.  For that reason, preventive, or what we consider proactive communication is a further, more solid component of our proven processes.  This applies to both the sales and technical aspects of the business.

We also have an efficient and flexible organization that has the necessary capacity to also handle larger jobs. Sufficient resources allow us to take on large-scale call orders, such as those that might correspond to the typical needs of potential medium and large clients.  This applies to the entire tool portfolio.


Naturally, these standards can only be implemented sustainably with the requisite organizational and process structures.  As an example, we are pleased to mention that our offer calculation system is based on actual costs.  By pre-processing the offers – based on the clients’ inquiry – through our ERP-System, we certainly go to more effort.  But this is justified by a higher level of production order transparency, and all of the other business processes that lead to an order.  To our customers’ advantage.


Besides providing high offer content quality, we process your inquiries quickly so that between the inquiry and the offer, an average of only one to three working days elapse.  Within this time span, the delivery time is also calculated.  For further improvement in meeting deadlines, we have also introduced more conventional methods – such as one we lovingly refer to as the “deadline hunt”.  Many customers are already aware of and appreciate this additional, useful instrument.


The relationship with the customer is decisive.


For that reason, it is important to us to list individual prices for tools or services at their actual incurred cost.  That enables us to offer long-lasting quality.  We do not explicitly use a hybrid calculation.  Very different areas of individual cooperation with our customers result – and these are set up for the long-term.


The fact that we are not a contract manufacturer, but rather a specialized producer of forging tools with an in-house development team, is naturally also reflected in the price.  But we consider the technical advice on products and applications – that is normally provided – to be an automatically included service, just like we consider the customer inquiry, order processing, and inspection as a part of our normal process.  We would be happy to take your calls and questions any time, and will happily answer them promptly.  Additionally, a visit to your facility or a tour of ours is only a phone call away. 


Warm regards,

Your Frank Sieber

Frank Sieber GmbH

Meudelfitzer Bogen 8

29456 Hitzacker OT Meudelfitz