Excellence in Forming Tools

With Tradition

From Responsibility

To us, this statement is so much more than simply a description of our current and future business model.  We understand it much more as a duty that grows out of our successful past.

The Sieber family name has been in the market for more than 50 years, associated with high-quality specialized metal fabrication and forming tools.  We are currently focused on growing and developing our new entity, “Frank Sieber GmbH tools and design”, that was established in 2010.

The model that drives the new business entity represents now, as then, the following understanding of our business:

 “The manufacture of the best quality and highest-value cold forming tools is often closely related to a thorough understanding of their use, and inevitably, a detailed knowledge of development and finishing processes.”


The synthesis of specialized toolmaking expertise for tool manufacture, and a technical department to support engineering and process development, guarantees the qualitative value-add for our clients. 

For mutual success.


Frank Sieber GmbH tools and design is based on this time-tested foundation, and all of the investment and planning that we put into it, including all of the resources, methods, and structures, was for the sole purpose of meeting the highest market standards to the fullest extent possible.

Additionally, it is indispensible to us to have a fair working relationship with our employees and suppliers.  We have approximately 60 employees at the Hitzacker Elbe (Lower Saxony) location, and are expanding.  The Sieber entrepreneurial family also maintains long-term business relationships with diverse key suppliers.


Quality and durability are important aspects of our business, and they drive production method decisions.  It goes without saying that we make future investment decisions based on the latest and best available technologies that are at the same time environmentally friendly.


Certificate according to  DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 since 11/2017.


Yours sincerelly,

the members of the family business.

Frank Sieber                               Miriam Sieber

Frank Sieber GmbH

Meudelfitzer Bogen 8

29456 Hitzacker OT Meudelfitz